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Not only did its tale lend itself to a blockbuster movie, it is the world’s most famous ship that ever sailed. The Titanic was built back in 1909 and took around two years to finish. She was not only the largest moving man-made object at the time, this ship was also the most exquisite.

The ship was the pride and joy of American tycoon, J.P. Morgan and built by the White Star Line. It took 15,000 men and 3 million rivets to hold her all together. Plus, even in today’s standards, the Titanic was costly – 7.5 million dollars!

The Titanic measured in at epic proportions. It was 882 feet long (269 meters) and was 175 feet in height (53 meters). It was powered by steam, with burning coal at the heart of the ship. And even though she had four smokestacks, only three where ever used.

Some of the luxuries this ocean liner included for their first class citizens was a swimming pool, gymnasium, two Turkish baths (saunas) and a library (there was also a second class library as well). She was decorated with the finest carpets, crystal chandeliers, staircases and furniture.

However, a voyage on this ship’s maiden trip was very expensive. First class tickets ran a hefty 4,350 dollars – in today’s economy that would be like paying 60,600 dollars.

Since the Titanic was built for passengers, there was a lot of room, well at least for the rich.. This ship had 2,224 crew members and passengers. Some of these passengers were well off and others were housed in second class. Second class accommodations were small and cramped, but they were still better off than the crew.

There was 900 workers which had to sleep in the lower deck of the ship. The cabins were cramped and held four to six crew members. It was hot, noisy and very closed in. Plus, they only had two bathtubs for all of them!

When the wealthy people boarded the ship, they didn’t just bring their suitcases, they also brought expensive jewellery, dogs, children and even luxury cars along for the trip. When the titanic sunk, all these “treasures” went down with her.

We all have heard the Titanic had iceberg warnings, but did you know there was also some eerie premonitions as well?

One of the females on board called her secretary and told her she had a bad feeling that trouble was ahead for the ship. A man also had his fortune read that told him he would die on this trip.

However, before the Titanic even took form, a book titled, Futility, told of a ship referred to as the “unsinkable” Titan. It hit an iceberg in April and goes down without enough lifeboats.

The tragic story of the Titanic will continue to be told for generations to come. Its amazing story and the drama of this moment in history is sure to be one that is never forgotten.

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