Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Snakes

Children’s Book About Snakes: A Kids Picture Book About Snakes With Photos and Fun Facts

There are around 2,900 species of snake sharing the planet with us. For those of you that are afraid or dislike snakes, that’s probably about 2,900 too many. But if it’s any consolation to you, only about 375 of these species are venomous. The trouble with snakes, aside from their slithery bodies and forked tongues, are they can be anywhere. Snakes can live on the ground, in the trees and even in water.

A snake is not slimey (even though it appears to be) but it does have scales. The scaly skin on its belly helps the snake grasp the ground (or tree) and propels it forward. As they grow they will shed their old skin. This is something like us taking off a sock, the snake crawls out of the old one and in doing so turns it inside out. Sometimes you will find the discarded skin of a snake on the ground or nearby logs.

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Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Snakes

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