kids-go-here-to-see-fun-videos-adults-go-here-to-get-free-books-resizedFree book promotions for Amazon Kindle books is one way of attracting readers and customers. Amazon Associates-program-participants usually provide links to virtually any page/product on Amazon, and this includes links to Amazon Kindle books.The links Free book promotions for Amazon Kindle books have been very-desirable for Associates-program-participants to use since there is low readers or shoppers’ resistance to clicking on such links given that the product in question is free product after-all. However, once the reader, customer, shopper is on the Amazon site, he or she more often than not,will start browsing through some of the other items or products and end up finding something they have been meaning to purchase.

Customer Reviews Block ExampleAnother reason why authors do free book promotions for Amazon Kindle books is because it’s in amazon where the readers are. Free book promotions gives all the self published writers a good opportunity when it comes to advertising and marketing their books. Giving away free books to Amazon kindle readers is one way of developing a wide following.For example you can write episodes, with each episode being published as a single-eBook, and ending in a cliffhanger. The 1st episode can be given for free which will then pull the readers into the story and they will want to read more and they will end up having to buy the full season.

See All Customer Reviews humorBy engaging in a free book promotion for Amazon kindle books a self published author can typically expect about 100 downloads a day, and if your give away gets widely and well promoted, or if the Kindle book ends up in the Amazon bestsellers list for free books, then you can even hit a 1000+ downloads a day.

Free book promotions also help an author sell more of his books.If your Amazon Kindle book is well entertaining and informative, the people or the readers who download the book will tell other readers about it and some readers will check-out the book and buy it.

Learning Never Ends block_26432967_m-resizedSavvy authors can also use their free book promotions as a lead-magnet.They do this by encouraging book readers to sign-up to their email-list. That way, they often get to promote their other books to the readers who picked-up a copy of their free-book.

Free book Promotions also give an author a better-chance of picking-up some much needed book reviews which are normally hard to come by these days.

Start Learning Push Button like Car_21624247_m-resizedThe more downloads your Amazon kindle book gets, the more the “weighting” Amazon’s-algorithms gives to your eBook when deciding whether to recommend-it.These recommendations can give a big-boost to your book sales. Usually, people who download your free-eBook are most likely going to check-out your other books as well.

Amazon has a bestsellers-list for free books. As mentioned earlier, getting your book on this list will certainly help boost your downloads.Many authors who have made a name for themselves in self-publishing usually credit their great success to free book promotion. Free book promotion is an easy way to turn-on the tap to new-readers which will eventually lead to you getting flooded with book sales.

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