Reading has never been more accessible since the advent of Amazon’s Kindle device. Any user can simply turn it on and have a library of books at their fingertips instantaneously. Befitting this technology is the ability users have to share their thoughts on things they’ve read on their Kindle. Reviews can help other users parse through whats worth spending their time with, and can help make sure great books stay on top of their respective categories. This guide will help you learn how to do a Kindle book review at Amazon, which will allow you to express yourself and rate the quality of different pieces you’ve read recently.


Before you get ready to input your review into Amazon, you should have read your book and formed a cogent opinion about it. Since so many users look through reader reviews to decide which books are for them, you shouldn’t post a review without having read or thought about a book. Take the time to enjoy the book via your Kindle, and contemplate the pros and cons of the reading material you’ve just gone through. Think about whether it was a meaningful piece that really touched your life, or if it flat out just wasn’t worth the time.


When you’ve got some ideas in hand, start your Kindle device and select the “Shop” button from the main menu. This will take you to an area where you can search for products on Amazon available for purchase. Do a basic search for your product’s name, and find it located on the search results screen. If you found this book on your own through Kindle, this step should be relatively easy. All you’re doing is returning to the same page as you did when you originally bought the book.


This page is known as the Product Detail page, and contains vital information about the book to consider. All customers can see this item, as well as details such as how much it will cost and how many pages it will be once downloaded onto the Kindle. You can also read about the author who wrote the book, and sometimes get sample pages from the text to read before you buy. At the top of the screen you’ll see an aggregate score out of a 5 star rating system. This is a collection of all the ratings that the book has received so far. Near the bottom are written texts for each review, and this is where you’ll be focusing your attention.


Select the “Write Reviews” option at the top of your Kindle screen, and you’ll be able to input a review of your own. A text box will open on your Kindle which will allow you to type out the review you’ll post. Now is the time to express all of your relevant opinions on the book you’ve just read. If it was a piece of fiction and you found it to be very imaginative, say so during the course of your review. Try to keep things as relevant as possible and remember that you’re essentially typing a message for future readers to gauge their interest in the book. Once finished typing, simply select a star rating (e.g. 1 for bad and 5 for great). Your review will have then be posted and available for others to use to formulate an informed purchase decision about the Kindle book.