a-little-girl-thinking-of-what-to-writeThe release of the Amazon Kindle transformed and optimized the manner in which users read electronic books. With a Kindle, Amazon users can access digital versions of books and download them from the Amazon kindle Store to their devices. Some of the benefits of using a kindle include instant delivery and the low cost of e-books compared to their print versions. If you have not acquired the Amazon kindle yet, you can still access and read the e-books by installing the kindle application in any electronic device that is easily accessible to you. Amazon has released Kindle reading applications for multiple electronic devices including Mac, Windows, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone 7.


Customer Reviews Block ExampleThe free Amazon Kindle apps allow users to download Amazon’s digital books without having to actually own a kindle. The apps apply Whispersync technology that permits a user to acquire any book in an instant, since the download basically takes seconds. The app also allows you to add bookmarks, highlight words and make notes on any device where you install it. This functionality enables readers to use multiple devices when reading the same book since the bookmark will let you know where you left off on the device that you used previously.


See All Customer Reviews humorThe procedure to access and read Kindle books on any device with an app is basically the same. Open an Amazon account and follow these steps to learn how to read Amazon kindle books on your PC, Apple, and Android devices.


First, download the right kindle application for your device. Mac and Windows users can access the app from Amazon’s Reading Apps page on the Amazon site. Android and other mobile device users can access the app through the Marketplace or Apps Store for that device. Once you download the kindle application to your device, install and run it.


Never Stop Learning Signpost-43251589-resizedYou will be provided with a form to fill in the email address that is linked to your Amazon account, as well as the password. This is Amazon’s registration process for your Kindle application so that the merchant is alerted of the address to send your electronic books.


You can now go ahead and download some digital books by going to the Kindle store on your web browser. Some books that have obsolete copyright agreements, such as the classic novels, can be downloaded for free. For those books whose copyright agreement is still applicable, you will have to pay for them; at about 50% less than the price offered by a high street retailer. You also save yourself the time spent running around town searching for the book, or waiting for the delivery to be made.


I Love Reading learning Greenboard _28257929_m-resizedOnce you locate your book, find the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the Kindle Store web page. You are provided with a variety of book delivery options, and all you have to do is select the device from which you will be reading the book. Then click on the buy now button to make the payment and download the book. When done, you can access the book from your app’s “Home” screen on your device. Select the book to start reading.


To read your books from different devices, make sure you install their respective kindle applications using one Amazon account and then synchronize your books between them.

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