Slowly but steadily, the Amazon Kindle is growing in popularity among avid readers. Even though there are still lots of die-hard paper fans out there, many prefer the simplicity and portability of reading e-books with the Kindle. The device is very convenient to carry, and it can save lots of volume if you want to read, say, a fantasy trilogy in a weekend. Compared to the classic approach of ordering a book, or visiting an actual bookstore to obtain literature, the electronic device saves a lot of time, and it can be helpful when you’re picking new, interesting books due to the amount of reviews available in the Amazon website.

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Reviews are very important, because they can point out what the public thinks about a book. The title of the book might be captivating, the cover may look interesting, but what you’d really want to trust is a person who has read through the whole book and knows if it’s any good or not. That is what makes reviews so important in the end.

Let’s say you’ve just read a nice title, and you want to praise the book you’ve read to others who are wondering whether or not to read it. If you want to leave a review, you can do it with your Kindle device as well as with the PC. To leave a review with the Kindle:

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1. Press the Menu button.
2. Locate the “Shop” option in the Kindle Store screen and click it with the five-way controller.
3. Type the title of the book you’re looking for in the text box below, then click Search Store. You’ll see the Product Detail page for the book in question
4. Select Customer Reviews on the Product Detail page.
5. Find the “Write a Review” on top and click it.
6. You’ll be prompted to enter a five-star rating, a title for your review and the review itself. Make sure to avoid any typos, because you can’t edit your review afterwards. If you’ve changed your opinion about the book, you’d have to post a new review.

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This is basically the whole process of leaving a review with the Kindle. If you want to leave a review on your computer, the steps are basically the same, but you need to start by opening your browser, loading the Amazon book store website, and finding the same buttons (“Customer Reviews”, “Write a Review”) we mentioned above. In fact, there is a chance that you’ve already left some reviews already, if you’ve been shopping with Amazon and you’ve decided to leave review for a book you’ve purchased.


In the past, before the Internet was a popular everyday commodity, reviews were only written by those who had a place to publish them. The few people who could write reviews were newspaper or magazine writers or advertisers. Allowing the public to review books is a great step in modern times, because it allows for a myriad of different opinions on the same book. It prevents critics from ostracizing controversial books, and it allows the common reader to share an opinion on what they just read.

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