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Children’s Book About Sea Life and Marine Animals: A Kids Picture Book About Sea Life and Marine Animals With Photos and Fun Facts

Children’s Book About Sea Life and Marine Animals: A Kids Picture Book About Sea Life and Marine Animals With Photos and Fun Facts

There is a lot of life going on under the waters and oceans of this world. Did you know there are 122,500 species of marine life and another 128 different species of animals that all depend on the water to live out healthy lives?

Unless you are a Marine Biologist, the average person will probably never fully understand the life our oceans and waterways are teeming with. Let’s have a look at some of these amazing (and sometimes hidden away) creatures.

Among some of the more common animals that thrive in the water are the;

•Cetaceans; whale, dolphin and porpoise

•Pinnipeds; walrus, seals and sea lions

•Sirenians; mantas and dugongs

•Mustelids; otter, badgers and martens

•Polar Bears

Bonus Video – from the Book’s Supplemental Pages:

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All About Sea Life And Marine Animals

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Let’s Learn the Alphabet – Preschool Learning

Alphabets, the building blocks of literacy. Here is a video especially designed to make it easy for your child to recognize these fundamental characters. It’s delightfully animated! Let’s begin and let’s learn alphabets.

Learn ABC – 00:04
My ABC – 02:16
Write Big ABC – 06:35
Write small abc – 10:25
ABC Song – 14:23
Animal Alphabet song – 14:56
Alphabet Train – 17:59

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Children’s Book About Butterflies: A Kids Picture Book About Butterflies with Photos and Fun Facts

We admire them in our gardens and they’re delight for little children to chase. They can be bold and bright or even dull, but regardless they are beautiful. The butterfly is an insect that is always a welcome visitor. Let’s check out the qualities and lifestyle of this amazing little creature.

Scientists think there are between 15,000 to 20,000 butterfly species on the planet today. Since these insects are cold-blooded they need a warmer climate to survive and thrive in, therefore butterflies can be found in most parts of the world, except, of course, places like Antarctica and the arid desert regions where there is no food source.

The butterfly doesn’t start out life beautiful, it has to go through a metamorphosis. This is a four-part stage that starts this insect off as an egg. It then moves into the larva or caterpillar stage, from there it goes into the pupa or chrysalis, then finally the adult.

Bonus Videos – from the Book’s Supplemental Pages:


The Book “ANIMALS – 30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals – Kindle Book On Amazon


ANIMALS – Children’s Book For Kindle – Ages 4-8 – Children Books Series, Now In The Kindle Store Of

30 Fascinating Children Bedtime Stories About Animals – Kids Stories

Dear Parent,
Dear Grandparent,

This book, ANIMALS: 30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals, is an enchanting guessing game book for children between the age of 4 and 8.

This wonderful collection of 30 unique children’s stories is a great way to interact with your child or grandchild during story time. The stories are easy to read and older children may be able to read them on their own.

Each unique story is about a different animal. Hints are given throughout the story about the animal, regarding its habits, its looks and its characteristics.

Each animal story also has a dilemma, which is solved by the end of the story, and is related to the animal’s actual way of life. For example, in the story ‘Stan The Fastest Runner In The World, Stan the horse lives on a farm where he wins a race because he runs fast and steady.

At the end of each story, you ask your child to guess which animal the main character was depicting.

The stories are easy to follow, and your child will not have any trouble guessing which animal is being referred to, thanks also to the great animal illustrations included in the book.

As a parent or grandparent, you are encouraged to read the story again if the child has not picked up on all the hints. The stories are rather short and come with beautiful animal illustrations.

Young children can also grasp the spirit of the story. These are lovely stories to read at bedtime, but can […]


Children’s Book About Soccer: A Kids Picture Book About Soccer With Photos and Fun Facts

children's Book About SoccerSoccer is a favorite sport of many kids and adults. It is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the most popular game in the world. This is perhaps because all you really need is a ball and a group of players.

No one really knows how far back soccer goes, as many places and time periods had games involving kicking a ball. However, in the 19th century a set of rules were emerging to distinguish soccer from other ball-kicking sports.

Soccer is also known as “football” in some regions. Officially, it takes eleven players on two teams, with a rectangular field and two goals to play a proper game of soccer. Any part of the player’s body may touch the ball, except the hands – only the goalie is allowed to use their hands. Players have become quite skilled at re-routing, passing and deflecting the ball with their head, feet, knees and chest regions.

As we mentioned before, the soccer field is rectangular, but is it also sloped at a 5 degree upwards-angle from one end to the other. This is called a “pitch field.” The gentle angle of this type of field may not sound tiring to run, but a single player can run upwards of […]

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