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30 Fascinating Children Bedtime Stories About Animals – Kids Stories

Dear Parent,
Dear Grandparent,

This book, ANIMALS: 30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals, is an enchanting guessing game book for children between the age of 4 and 8.

This wonderful collection of 30 unique children’s stories is a great way to interact with your child or grandchild during story time. The stories are easy to read and older children may be able to read them on their own.

Each unique story is about a different animal. Hints are given throughout the story about the animal, regarding its habits, its looks and its characteristics.

Each animal story also has a dilemma, which is solved by the end of the story, and is related to the animal’s actual way of life. For example, in the story ‘Stan The Fastest Runner In The World, Stan the horse lives on a farm where he wins a race because he runs fast and steady.

At the end of each story, you ask your child to guess which animal the main character was depicting.

The stories are easy to follow, and your child will not have any trouble guessing which animal is being referred to, thanks also to the great animal illustrations included in the book.

As a parent or grandparent, you are encouraged to read the story again if the child has not picked up on all the hints. The stories are rather short and come with beautiful animal illustrations.

Young children can also grasp the spirit of the story. These are lovely stories to read at bedtime, but can also be shared with your child during the day. The stories are both educational and fun, and involve your child in a series of guessing games and surprises!

Each story teaches your child about the animal in different ways. In the Elephant story ‘Ely Save His Family’, behaviors and habits of the elephants are taught in a fun and entertaining way that will be sure to stick in your child’s mind. In the story about Zoey the Zebra, ‘Zoey Gets Some Stripes’, a tale is told about how the zebra animal received its stripes.

These stories are a great way for children to learn about all the different types of animals. Each animal has been given a friendly name that will help your child relate to it. The stories are told in such a fashion that your child will feel as though they are part of the story!

This book is a lovely way for parents or grandparents to teach their child or grandchild about animals in a fun and interactive manner. Rather than discussing the details of the animal in technical terms, these stories are comprised of details which are told in an interactive guessing game.

Your child or grandchild deserves the best. And especially between the ages of 3-7 when children’s minds are expanding in ways we cannot imagine, educational and fun books are required to keep their imagination fresh and active. This book is sure to leave your children ready for more reading and learning, and is a great way to get them accustomed to paying attention to stories.

Although best suited for children aged 3-7, 30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals can also be suitable for younger and older children, as everyone loves a good guessing game! Children younger than three years of age can enjoy the pictures and the stories about the animals, and may be able to point out the animal in the illustrations as well.

30 Fascinating Bedtime Stories About Animals is a must have addition to your child’s library. There is such a wide variety of animals that your child will love reading this book again and again, and can even share the stories with other friends and family.

Thank you again for buying this book.

Enjoy the smile in your child’s eyes, each time you read a new story together.