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After weeks of thinking and talking about it, I was finally able to film this video about homeschooling. I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned since I began homeschooling about five years ago. This is all the honest advice-advice I wish I’d received when I first hopped on this roller coaster ride called Homeschooling. I have three children (2 girls and a son). They are currently in Fourth Grade, Kindergarten, and Early Preschool. I’m no expert in homeschooling, but I feel that my experience is worth sharing. My little guy managed to sneak into this video and I thought about cutting him out and starting again, but this is my life. My kids are always around and that’s how I like it. 🙂
If there’s something I missed or should you have any questions, then please comment below.

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How to Use Kindle Kid Creator and Kindle Comic Creator

How to use Kindle Kid Creator and Kindle Comic Creator – John Tighe interviews Bruce Jones.
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These are essential tools (provided free by Amazon) if you want to create pictures based books – whether they’re for children or not!

Kid Creator is essentially a simplified version of Comic Creator. This video focuses on Kid Creator, but what Bruce covers can be used for both.

Plus, Bruce does a live and real-time demonstration of how to create a book using Kindle Kid Creator!

(In the opening few minutes Bruce explains what Kid Creator and Comic Creator are all about and then at 7′ 25″ the live demo footage starts.)


Jolly Phonics Phase Two

How does your child master phonics, from learning letter sounds to reading fluently? When your child starts school, phonics becomes a big part of everyday life, transforming them from a non-reader to a child who is capable of reading fluently and spelling. Jolly Phonics is a program designed to help children learn the name and sounds of letters. I have put together all the Jolly Phonic songs from Phase Two, which consists all the letter sounds from A-Z apart from Q as it is a tricky sound and is part of Phase Three as ‘qu’. Before children can read or start to read they need to have some understanding of letter sounds and this is a fun way of learning them.


JOSIE DUGGAR’s Homeschooling Lesson Causes Fans to Think She’s Falling Behind : Report

The youngest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar isn’t a baby anymore. 8-year-old Josie

Duggar is growing up right before fans’ eyes. Of course, like all members of the famous

family, she doesn’t attend a traditional school. According to a new Reddit thread, some fans

are worried that Josie’s homeschooling is not up to proper standards. A member of the

Duggar family posted a photo of Josie holding up a completed assignment from her lesson.

“Look who finished the whole grade! hashtag teacher life, hashtag best life,” the caption

read. Fans guessed that Laura DeMasie posted the pic, but since Jana Duggars BFF has a

private Instagram, there’s no way to be 100% certain.

“Oh no, looking at this photo, and the page in that book feels awkward because I teach kids

Josie’s age,” one user commented. “I feel it’s reasonable to think that she might have special

education needs. If so, the Duggars won’t know how to change the education curriculum to

suit Josies needs. I worry that her parents probably are ignorant of education difficulties like

Dyslexia, which is very common, very easily helped if managed properly, and instead of having

one of their strange IBLP beliefs about ‘curing’ needs like that.”

It’s true that if this is the level of Josie’s current education abilities, she is behind her peers.

But, her delays could be caused by health problems she has endured after being born

prematurely. “I think they mentioned in the book Jim Bob had Dyslexia,” one fan offered.

“Yeah, it is possible that she has some kind of learning disability or cognitive delay to at least

partially explain this,” another user added. “That said though, my friend teaches Grade 2, so

her oldest students […]