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Children's Book About AdoptionAdoption. Its an option some couples and single people may have mulled over if they are unable to conceive a child the good-ole-fashioned way. In fact, one-third of all Americans have considered an adoption, but only 2 percent of these people actually go through with it. The numbers are staggering, considering the amount of orphans in our own country and around the world.

A Child With A DogDue to the outbreak of AIDS in africa, there is around 15 million children who are surviving on their own, without the help of an adult. Some of these children are put into the sex trade, or adult jobs, while others remain on the streets.

Daughter and fatherWith people already numbering in the billions, Asia has put a limit on the number of children a couple can have. That number is one and the boys hold more “value” than a girl does, so these innocent females are being tossed aside in the hopes of a better birth next time. In fact, for every child born in the US, two baby girls are orphaned in Asia.

Parents Kissing Baby Girl

To be eligible to adopt a baby from Asia, you must go through a rigorous process (which is to be expected). However, these children also come with a hefty price tag. Not only do you have to get yourself to Asia, but you must hand over thousands of dollars to take one of these babies home. It’s sad to think the Asian government is profiting from a law they put in place, for a “product” their country deems as “disposable.”

A Sad Girl With Her Family

These are the babies, but what about the older children? The ones that simply find no one to call their own and end up timing out of the foster care program?

Life for these children is tough. They already have the abandonment issue from their biological parents, but to also have to live with the nagging feeling that they are unloved and unwanted, must be excruciating.

A Happy family In the ParkMany parents of adopted children question when or if there is a good time to tell their child he or she was adopted. The opinions vary, but one thing is agreed upon – the child should be told by the adoptive parents and in an age-appropriate manner that he/she can understand. The last thing you want is for your adoptive child to find out from another source. This leads to anger and confusion on the child’s part. He or she may then feel they were lied to or there must be something bad or shameful for their parents to have kept it a secret.

Parents with their childPhysiologists also agree that open and frank conversations should be held with your adoptive child. Answer their questions honestly to help guide them through the process. Reassure them that they aren’t worthless and tossed away, but rather they were chosen.

Before you have this important conversation, you can check out some well-written books on the subject to help you navigate these potential bumpy waters. Adoption is a beautiful option!

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