Children’s Book About Pregnancy: A Kids Picture Book About Pregnancy With Photos and Fun Facts

Children's Book About PreganancyThese two little words can be the most glorious or the most troubling, but either way, your life will never be the same again. Between the morning sickness, the added accumulation of stuff all made for the new addition, or the growing tummy, women are suppose to be glowing and happy. But what about the other things we shove aside because we are suppose to be glowing and happy? Like the hemorrhoids, late-night cravings, swollen ankles and the flatulence? Sure this is all a part of motherhood, but I have to wonder what the world would be like if men had to do the childbearing?

For any women that has ever had a man in her life, we know full well the implications of this little “fantasy.”

First the violent and predictable morning sickness would put most men in bed for the entire day, where we women are suppose to walk it off and be happy to know we have a little life growing inside of us. However, for some men this would probably just be a bragging right to talk about with the boys, with the vomit’s color, consistency and how far it shot out of his nose or mouth all thrown in for an added bonus.

Bonus Videos – from the Book’s Supplemental Pages:

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