Children’s Book About Manners: A Kids Picture Book About Manners With Photos and Fun Facts


Depending on your age, you may remember Miss Manners. She was and still is (at 75) the manner-guru of all time. Miss Manners taught social etiquette and how to “be a lady and a gentleman” – skills that are missing in our society as a whole.

If you were raising a kid 40 years ago, having an impolite child wasn’t an option. Rude children grew up to be rude adults, so it was nipped in the bud when its naughty head even tried to peep out. Plus, if your parent’s didn’t catch you in the act of being impolite, they could always count on the older generations for back-up. And don’t even think about acting up in school. Unlike today with the teachers being “afraid” of most of the students, corporal punishment with a “strap” was very much enforced when necessary.

That was then and this is now…

How many times have you gone to a mall or restaurant only to have someone’s child raising the roof with their carrying on? “Back-in-the-day” this was reason enough for my mother to march me out of the store (none too quietly) and deposit me back in the car with my father. Today when a child misbehaves it’s called, “precocious” or “expressing themselves.”


Bonus Videos – from the Book’s Supplemental Pages:




All About Manners

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