Hey guys! It has been a while since I have done a skit like this, so I thought I might as well get back into it 🙂
I was actually homeschooled from 2nd to 8th grade and then went to a public high school. In my experience, the two kind of balance out as far as benefits and disadvantages. I am glad that I was able to experience both. So, this is just a little skit that plays on some of the many differences. Of course they are kind of exaggerated….for instance, your social life is not limited to animals when you are homeschooled unless you let it like that haha. But I thought it would be a funny contrast.

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Soo, a lot of you have been saying that these are all stereotypes and not true. Well, there is a reason those things become “stereotypical,” because they are true to SOME extent. This is a comedic skit, so of course it is exaggerated! When I was homeschooled, I usually woke up around 8am. I mean, why not? I liked to stay up late and sleep in and as long as I got my school work done by 2:00pm, it didnt really matter. It didn’t make me a lazy person or cause me to have disciplinary issues when I did go to public school for high school. Most days I did actually get dressed for the day…..but of course there were some days that I stayed in PJs. Who wouldnt?! AND unless you are socializing with your family or other homeschoolers, you don’t socialize during the day…at least I didn’t. BUT I took dance lessons, went to church, was on a soccer team and did Tae Kwon Do….so I got all the socialization I cared to have. But in general, homeschoolers socialize far less than someone in public school. Its true, just accept it guys haha.

All in all, I am really glad that I got to experience both. Homeschool taught me a lot of valuable skills, like how to be self motivated and how to teach myself. So once I went to public school, the academic part was a piece of cake. My first week or so of public school was a little scary, I have to admit. It was a lot to get used to.

Video Facts:

1.) This video features my kitten a lot haha. he kind of follows me around wherever I go so thats why hes there in like every scene lol
2.) the part where i ate a bunch of food. omg i got so full after that hahha
3.) i used the night vision on my camera, which i dont usually do. but i figured it was a good way to show it is dark out.
4.) very quick and easy video to film and edit 🙂