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Children's Book About SwimmingYou may love it or hate it, or even be somewhere in between, but swimming is here to stay. We do it on vacations, for recreation and even in competition. It’s a great way to have fun and is also great exercise for your entire body.

The Girl Smiles While Swimming UnderwaterThe definition of swimming is the self-propulsion of a person (or animal) through water or a liquid. Seems simple enough, yet swimming can be one of the most frightening phobias to overcome – after all, nobody has ever drowned from walking on the dry ground. But scientifically it has been discovered that only weeks after birth a human can hold their breath underwater and possess basic swimming skills. I wish someone would have told me that sooner, as I never did master the technique of swimming beyond the doggy paddle.

Happy Children in a Swimming ClassIn some countries of the world, swimming is mandatory to teach (and learn) in schools. Strangely enough, we use swimming to lose weight, but the more body fat you possess the more buoyant your body will be in the water. However, whether fat or thin, swimming is an excellent form of therapy for people with serious muscle, ligament and joint problems.

A Synchronize Swimming Team Performing in OlympicsNot only do we swim for recreation, but many water sports require the ability to swim. Surfers, boaters, water-skiers and water ballet performers all need to know how to swim. Some jobs also require swimming. Life guards need to know how to swim and to perform rescue techniques to save lives, marine biology studies the going-ons under the water and people in the Navy must also like to swim and be comfortable in and around water.

Underwater Photo of a Swimming Polar BearThis is just some of what we humans do with swimming, but what about other species? Fish are natural swimmers and live their entire lives under the water. Dolphins, whales and sharks also call the water home and come equipped to swim, breed, hunt and even sleep under the water. Smaller animals like the otter, frogs and ducks use their swimming abilities to get away from predators, hunt for food and travel about safely. Although penguins spend some time on land, they are a lot faster and less clumsy underwater. Here they drop the shackles of their stubby legs and bowling pin-shapes and become skilled hunters.

An Exotic Yellow Frog Caught SwimmingEven though the Leatherback sea turtle is really large and only has flippers, it can make a migratory journey of 10,000 miles back to where it was born to breed and lay its eggs.
The bug world is also not without their swimmers. Certain species of insects take to swimming (or skimming along the surface of the water) in hopes of finding a meal, and in doing so are often times made a meal of themselves.

Swimming is a great way to unwind and relax as well as an interesting aspect of many wildlife species. Swim your cares away in the summertime and also take a look around at how we differ from the many other swimmers on the planet.

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