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Children's Book About PoliceThey seem to be always there when you are a tad over the speeding limit or have ran a red light. Sometimes, they even follow you home to let you know your tail lights are out. We are told to look for one when we are in trouble…and figure out to avoid them when we are in trouble. But either way, these dedicated individuals put their very lives on the line every time they put on their uniforms and walk out the front door.

Man Having A Discussion With Police OfficerPolice have a dual personality. They can be seen as our rescuers or the “bad guy” watching our every move. However, police are now starting to take their reputation for being the good guy seriously. A program has been started up that allows police to give out tickets – not just for illegal endeavours – but for good behaviour.

Traffic Police Holding A "stop" SignWard Clapham, is now retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Richmond, British Columbia, but during his time as a policemen he came up with a clever philosophy. Why not seek out kids that are doing good deeds instead of always looking for the bad ones? This developed into Positive Tickets. This reward system gives kids the incentives to not break the law, but rather help it along. The idea is a huge success and has lead to hundreds of thousands of these positive tickets being handed out.

Multi-disciplinary rescue teamPolice officers in the UK are also doing some positive policing of their own. A vehicle dubbed as the “Panda Car,” is equipped with a lot of equipment – first aid kits, brooms, speed spikes and blankets – but perhaps the best equipment they carry are Teddy Bears. These comforting, fluffy toys are given to children when they have been in an accident and need some good ole fashioned cuddles.

New York city police DepartmentDespite the rounds of shots we see being fired by movie and TV cops, in Norway their police officers leave it as a last resort. In fact, only one shot was fired into a criminal in all of 2011. This criminally insane man had already killed one person and then turned on the police. After trying pepper spray and a warning shot, police were left with no other choice but to shoot the man in the thigh. However, the Norwegian area doesn’t see as much crime as most other regions do, so not firing may be a tad easier.

TPortland Police in Riothis next example may have less to do with positive policing, but did you know that policemen get paid more in India if they grow a mustache? The police chief in the Jhabua district decided that wearing mustaches made his officers look more intimidating. So he devised a 30 rupee per month raise for each officer that sports a moustache. However, the chief insists on inspecting the facial hair to make sure it isn’t too scary.

Police have a tough job to do and we should be thankful we have these men and women that are willing to do this life-threatening work.

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