Children’s Book About Lizards: A Kids Picture Book About Lizards with Photos and Fun Facts

Out of all the reptiles on the planet, lizards have got to be some of the coolest. There are around 9,766 species of the lizard and these reptiles are found in most areas of the world. They have been garden-helpers, keeping the insect population under control, as well as delighting children and adults as an exotic (yet manageable) pet. Let’s take a trip down lizard-lane to learn more about these fascinating reptiles.

Like other reptiles, the lizard is cold-blooded and therefore needs an external heat source to keep it warm. If you visit some of the tropical regions of the world, you can see various lizards warming themselves on the sidewalks or along the walls of buildings.

One of the interesting things about certain lizards are their eyes. Take the Chameleon for example, the eyes on this lizard are cone-shaped and stick up out of the body. These can move independently of each other and provides this reptile with 360 degree vision. This comes in handy when trying to avoid predators or when hunting for food. Other lizards have transparent eyelids. This sneaky technique allows the reptile to see even when its eyes are closed – great for hunting and avoiding attacks from predators. They also possess a third eyelid which helps prevent dust and debris from coming in contact with the eyeball.

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All About Lizards

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