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So I want to show you a method of creating ebooks very quickly. You can probably bust these out in about an hour. It is a simple process that is geared at creating cool, visually appealing, books for kids with educational undertones. My target audience? 4 to 8 years old. Your target audience? Sky’s the limit, take your best shot.

I don’t want to get too longwinded with a big introduction. Let’s dive right into how to make this happen okay everybody?

Step 1. Download Kindle Kid’s Book Creator

Amazon has a really great app that they created for would be children’s book authors. It’s called the Kindle Kid’s Book Creator and it is absolutely fantastic for creating visual style books. It is very easy to use and can help you create professional grade ebooks to upload to amazon.

How much for this software you might ask?

It’s free. Go get it. It rocks.

Step 2. Write a book premise and script

We are writing kids books here so you don’t need to get overwhelmed at the idea of writing a simple book premise and script. You need just a few things.

• your goal with the book
• your premise of the book
• your title
• the pages you will be using
• what will be written on the page
• what kind of picture do you want for the page

Example of this? Let’s say we are doing a simple ABC’s book for kids. ( I’ll just use the first three letters for this example)
1. Goal – to teach kids ABC’s as well as educate about nutrition

2. Premise – go through the alphabet and use cool pictures of fruit to inspire kids while teaching alphabet as well as what that fruit is good for
3. Title – Apples are Good for Your Skin and What Else?

4. Cover – picture of apple

5. Title Page – put the title and author here with picture of fruit basket
6. A – use picture of an apple
A. A is for Apple. Apples are good for your skin!

7. B – use picture of a banana
B. B is for Banana. Banana’s are good for your stomach!
8. C – use picture of coconut
C. C is for Coconut. Coconuts are good for your teeth.
9. Conclusion – no pictures here
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Step 3. Pull copyright free Images from pixabay or like source

So you can use Pixabay or a like alternative to find free images that you can use legitimately for commercial purposes. Head on over there and grab the images that you need.

Step 4. Create Cover
I use power point to create my Cover image. There are alot better options. I just like it because I know my way around it and it works for me. Another option for you that is completely free could be If you are looking for a free alternative to power point, you can check out Impress by Open Office.

Step5. Put the book together

Now is the time to open up that fancy pants Kindle Kids Book Creator I was bragging on and pull all those pictures into a book. Don’t worry it’s easy to use.

Step 6. Upload your Children’s Book. Congratulations…you rock.

Finally you are ready to go ahead and upload that puppy to Amazon KDP. Congratulations you just created a book that is going to help educate and entertain the youth, help the parents, and just genuinely serve a positive purpose in the world…oh yeah…and you are making passive income…oh yeah x2…you probably completed this exercise in about an hour.

You are limited only by your imagination. Go get it!

That’s all I got for now folks!

Kam J (aka ZeroFatz)