Children’s Books: Goodnight Moon Read Aloud
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Goodnight Moon is classic children’s book that kids are certain to enjoy. The book opens with us joining a small bunny lying in bed getting ready to say goodnight as he goes to sleep. The children’s book takes us around the room to see everything before going to sleep. First the kids book shows us a phone next to the bed as well as a picture of a cow jumping over the moon. In addition, there are also three little bears sitting on chairs and two kittens that are playing on the carpet in the middle of the room. As the children’s book continues, we also see a pair of mittens hanging out to dry as well as a little toy house that the kids play with in the corner. The bedtime story then shows us a small table in the room with a comb, a brush, and a bowl full of mush. As we continue to read along, next to the table is a quiet old lady whispering a hushed goodnight so that everyone is quiet as the small bunny try to go to sleep. As Goodnight Moon continues, children begin saying goodnight to all the things in the room. They say Goodnight Moon as well as goodnight to the painting on the wall, goodnight to the light and goodnight to the red balloon. As we read aloud together, you will also see them say goodnight to the bears in the painting and the chairs and kittens in the room. As the children’s book begins to end, we see the child say goodnight moon, and goodnight to the mittens, the clocks, and their socks. Don’t worry, because the child doesn’t forget to say goodnight to the little house, the mouse, and even the comb, brush and the mush! At the end of Goodnight Moon, the goodnight’s extend outside to say goodnight moon, stars, air, and noises everywhere. Goodnight Moon is a classic bedtime story that your kids are sure to enjoy as they are lying down to sleep for the night!

Storybook Nanny is making videos of the best books for kids read aloud. We make videos of kids books read aloud and hope these videos become a wonderful resource for children to read along with. Whether you are using these children’s book as a quiet time activity of as bedtime stories for kids, we have created these read aloud stories for you to read along with your children. Goodnight Moon is just one of the many stories for kids that we have read aloud for you and we hope you will find many other books that your children will love. Improving children’s love of kids books is our primary goal; with so many other things demanding children’s attention, learning to enjoy a good bedtime story or any children’s stories can be challenging. We hope that by providing high quality children’s books read aloud we can kindle of love of kids books for your children. Not only do we want them to listen to and watch these videos, but we want them to read along with us and improve their own reading skills. These children’s stories read aloud can be a great asset to you when you are not there to read aloud to your own children.

Author: Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd
Illustrator: Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

We hope you enjoy these children’s books read aloud!