Thank you, everyone, for helping my channel pass 19k subscribers, here is a new long hypnotic bedtime story “The Dogs Quest” I hope you enjoy it: –~–
This Ericksonian hypnotic bedtime story is to help you fall asleep. This can be used by anyone but has been written specifically to help children fall asleep.

A new hypnotic bedtime story is posted at 3 pm every last Friday of the month.

This story is about Sid the time-traveling worm and an adventure he goes on.

You can purchase the book this story is from ‘Sleepy Bedtime Tales’ from all good retailers and in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. UK link:

‘Sleepy Bedtime Tales’ is a collection of 11 bedtime stories to help children to sleep. The stories are based on the approach I developed to help children to sleep while I was working in residential children’s homes with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. The book also includes tips for parents about bedtime routines and what else you can do to help children to sleep.