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Children's Book About divorceThe divorce rate in the world is astounding. In fact, half of all marriages in the US end in divorce and the numbers in other cultures (where divorce is legal) are also on the rise. I was surprised to learn that when you are divorced once, there is a 60 percent chance your second marriage will fail and an astounding 73 percent your third marriage will end up in splits-ville.

Carton Figures of a Newly Wed CoupleSo what is the problem? I took a close look at the people I know that are divorced. Some were married too young and simply changed in their attitudes and outlooks on life. Others, one or both of the partners were having affairs and still some found themselves in an abusive situation.

A Man and a Woman Turned Away From Each OtherIt’s never great to think about divorce before you get married, but wouldn’t that cut down on the staggering divorce statistics? Teen marriages rarely make it as they make the decision on impulse, immaturity or the fact that the girl may have gotten pregnant. However, why did the older generations manage to make it last? My grandparents were married for 64 years and grandma was barely a teen when they got hitched.

Two Married Couple Having Problems.I believe we have to lay a certain amount of responsibility at the feet of advertisers, movies, “romance” novels, soap-operas and Hollywood in general. We are constantly being bombarded with images and ideas that are contrary to keeping a marriage together. Movie stars change partners like it’s no big deal (whether there are children involved or not). Plus, all the sex trades and internet access makes finding a person to cheat with extremely easy.

Concept of  Section of Dividing a PropertyInfidelity use to be an act looked upon as shameful and embarrassing and now it is flaunted like a badge of honor. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I believe once you say “I do” it should be with commitment and with your eyes wide open.

Couples Playing Tug Of WarI totally understand if a person ends up in an abusive relationship, but I wonder if there were signs before hand of this problem. The woman I know (I’ll call her Jan) had plenty of warning signs but thought he would “change” after the nuptials – he didn’t and now they have a child in the ugly mix.

So where does all this divorce leave us? Depending on the circumstances, sometimes it is actually best to part ways and be civil when there are young children involved. However, Jan doesn’t have this luxury as her ex is mean and vindictive.

Divorce and separation

If there was cheating involved on the husband’s part, I believe women go through a period of low self-esteem and a round or two of the “what if” game. What if I was…nicer, less nagging, more attentive, tried harder in the bedroom? This is never healthy behavior and tends to make women feel resentful, hurt and untrusting to the next guy who comes along.

Let’s put aside for a moment the thrills of a new relationship to determine if this person is going to be a good match. Not just for today, but till death do you part..

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