Children’s Book About Divorce: A Kids Picture Book About Divorce With Photos and Fun Facts

The divorce rate in the world is astounding. In fact, half of all marriages in the US end in divorce and the numbers in other cultures (where divorce is legal) are also on the rise. I was surprised to learn that when you are divorced once, there is a 60 percent chance your second marriage will fail and an astounding 73 percent your third marriage will end up in splits-ville.

So what is the problem? I took a close look at the people I know that are divorced. Some were married too young and simply changed in their attitudes and outlooks on life. Others, one or both of the partners were having affairs and still some found themselves in an abusive situation.

It’s never great to think about divorce before you get married, but wouldn’t that cut down on the staggering divorce statistics? Teen marriages rarely make it as they make the decision on impulse, immaturity or the fact that the girl may have gotten pregnant. However, why did the older generations manage to make it last? My grandparents were married for 64 years and grandma was barely a teen when they got hitched.

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All About Divorce

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