Thermee Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer Review by a Young Mom

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  • This story has a happy ending — a darling 9-month boy! But I have to say, he was a long time in coming! My husband and I ‘tried’ for almost two years before we hit it lucky. It was an anxious time. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. In the end, what eventually worked for us was the good old-fashioned basal temperature routine. The would-be mom takes and charts hermorning temperatures. It helps predict the most fertile times.


  • I wanted a thermometer that would record temperatures for me, –something fool-proof.  I’m not at my best before morning coffee, and the temp has to be taken before you get out of bed.I looked for thermometers online and –asany would-be mom would do! – I wound up looking at baby thermometers. I chose theThermee, a non-contact forehead thermometer put out by Ginger Hill Creations. It’s meant for children and adults. I liked the idea that I could buy a thermometer to help me conceive, and could use it for the baby later on. How’s that for positive thinking?


  • The Thermee stores temperature readings for you. I just ran the Thermee over my forehead and saved the reading. Later on, my coffee cup in hand, I could check to see if it was “the day!” Eventually, we figured out “the perfect day” and our son is the living proof.


  • Our son […]


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When my son was born, I hated putting him in a car seat. It seemed unnatural to put him in the back seat while I was driving. I couldn’t reach him TravelAdventuresWithABackSeatMirror_V1_3Dthere. I couldn’t even see him! There’s just no ‘silence’ like the ‘silence’ of a newborn. Sometimes I’d panic and pull the car over, just to make sure he was still breathing. Nowadays, if he’s quiet, I thank God for it. But back then, part of me was just sure he was dying if I couldn’t hear him.

I have to chuckle, remembering, –but even now it bugs me, not being able to see him. I can tell by the sounds if he’s happy or upset, but it’s harder to tell when he’s quiet. Is he asleep? Counting his fingers? Flushed and nauseated? I can hear you laughing at me, you mothers of two or three kids, but I’m a newbie. I worry about this stuff!

The child in a safety seat near to mother who sits on forward siMy sister-in-law suggested I try a back seat mirror. She uses one to keep an eye on the kids in the back seat. ‘Preventing all-out warfare’, she calls it. I didn’t see how it could help. I’ve got a rearview mirror already, and I can’t even see […]

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