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  • This story has a happy ending — a darling 9-month boy! But I have to say, he was a long time in coming! My husband and I ‘tried’ for almost two years before we hit it lucky. It was an anxious time. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. In the end, what eventually worked for us was the good old-fashioned basal temperature routine. The would-be mom takes and charts hermorning temperatures. It helps predict the most fertile times.


  • I wanted a thermometer that would record temperatures for me, –something fool-proof.  I’m not at my best before morning coffee, and the temp has to be taken before you get out of bed.I looked for thermometers online and –asany would-be mom would do! – I wound up looking at baby thermometers. I chose theThermee, a non-contact forehead thermometer put out by Ginger Hill Creations. It’s meant for children and adults. I liked the idea that I could buy a thermometer to help me conceive, and could use it for the baby later on. How’s that for positive thinking?


  • The Thermee stores temperature readings for you. I just ran the Thermee over my forehead and saved the reading. Later on, my coffee cup in hand, I could check to see if it was “the day!” Eventually, we figured out “the perfect day” and our son is the living proof.


  • Our son was premature by six weeks. So tiny, so fragile! The doctor told me to track his temperature. Fortunately, I was an expert at that. A baby’s temperature goes up and down depending on naps, feeding, and activities. The Thermee records the time and date of every reading. I use a different memory mode for each of us.When I take him to the doctor, I take the Thermee with me, so I can show her exactly what’s been going on.

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  • When I was a kid, I hated having my temperature taken. It’s hard keeping your lips snug around a thermometer when your nose is stuffed up! And a rectalthermometer? My mom couldn’t even get one near me! Even when I was little, it was just humiliating. I didn’t mind the forehead strips at all, but my mom didn’t really trust them. The readings were never quite the same ten minutes later.


  • The Thermee non-contact forehead thermometer is a great improvement on the old methods. It’s perfect for little ones, and it’s not something they’ll outgrow. I’ll be able to use it for many years. When it has a low battery, it gives a warning. Then it’s just a matter of popping in some new AAA batteries.


  • I don’t have to wake up my son to take his temperature. The Thermee never even touches his skin. I just run it over his forehead to get a reading. If he does have a fever over 100℉, it beeps and flashes a signal. That way, I don’t have to turn on the lights. And every single time, the results are saved to his file on the Thermee.
  • When you’re raising a baby, especially the first time, it’s amazing how many questions crop up in the middle of the night. And after half a dozen times, your own mother (or mother-in-law) starts using her “patient” voice on you. “Honey, he’s just fine…” And I’d think to myself,that’seasy for you to say!


  • The Thermee gives me peace of mind. In less than a second, I can check my son’s temperature whether he’s awake, playing, eating, or sleeping. And if, in the middle of the night, I call my mother, I’ve got ammunition. I can prove that his temperature has risen by a degree and half, etc. I’m no longer the hysterical new mother. I’m a level-headed mother who has the facts in hand.
  • With the Thermee, would-be mothers can track their fertility. New moms can track daily temperatures for their children without fuss, and record the results separately for each family member. When or if you go to a doctor, you’ll have all the necessary records available at your fingertips.
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