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When my son was born, I hated putting him in a car seat. It seemed unnatural to put him in the back seat while I was driving. I couldn’t reach him TravelAdventuresWithABackSeatMirror_V1_3Dthere. I couldn’t even see him! There’s just no ‘silence’ like the ‘silence’ of a newborn. Sometimes I’d panic and pull the car over, just to make sure he was still breathing. Nowadays, if he’s quiet, I thank God for it. But back then, part of me was just sure he was dying if I couldn’t hear him.

I have to chuckle, remembering, –but even now it bugs me, not being able to see him. I can tell by the sounds if he’s happy or upset, but it’s harder to tell when he’s quiet. Is he asleep? Counting his fingers? Flushed and nauseated? I can hear you laughing at me, you mothers of two or three kids, but I’m a newbie. I worry about this stuff!

The child in a safety seat near to mother who sits on forward siMy sister-in-law suggested I try a back seat mirror. She uses one to keep an eye on the kids in the back seat. ‘Preventing all-out warfare’, she calls it. I didn’t see how it could help. I’ve got a rearview mirror already, and I can’t even see the back of my son’s head. But it turns out that the ‘back seat mirror’ attaches to the back seat. When she glances in her rear view mirror, she sees the reflection in the back mirror. It’s perfect to look into a car seat.

I picked a back seat mirror called Mr. PeekatMee by Ginger Hill Creations. I’ve gotten other Ginger Hill products and they’ve been quite satisfactory. My husband strapped the mirror to the back seat headrest. I sat in the driver’s seat to check the view. Then we put him in the seat. He looked in the Mr. PeekatMee mirror and gave me this big old toothless grin! For some reason, I hadn’t expectedhim to see me. It sure helps with separation anxiety, his and mine.

mirror box v2aThe Mr. PeekatMee mirror has a large surface area and gives me a clear view. I was afraid it would wobble around a lot, but it doesn’t. I do have to adjust the position a little as my son grows, so I double-check it when I have to adjust the car seat straps.

There was one problem I hadn’t figured on. In the beginning, I paid more attention to my son’s face than I did to driving. I didn’t have an accident, but I did have a close call with a cat, –a very FAST cat, fortunately. That brought me to my senses. Now, I take a quick glance in the rear view mirror every so often. It helps that he’s older, now, so I’m less anxious about every little thing.

The Mr. PeekatMee mirror has been useful in ways I didn’t expect. Considering how little it cost, it’s given me an amazing peace of mind When my son was tiny, the least change in food or time schedule made him fretful. Mostly, it doesn’t amount to anything, but other times he can be a pretty sick little guy. With the back seat mirror, I can tell if he’s getting flushed or spitting up a lot. I can catch a small problem before it gets worse.

06 Mirror with Child View 2If my husband’s driving, I change the direction of the Mr. PeekatMee. Then I can see my son from my vanity mirror. He thought it was really funny, because he could only see my eyes. That led to a peek-a-boo and a show-me game. ‘Show me your bear.’ ‘Show me your nose.’ He’s learning new words all the time, just by playing with me in the car.

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