Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Death

Children’s Book About Death: A Kids Picture Book About Death With Photos and Fun Facts

It doesn’t matter what race, faith, or country we live in, death is inevitable for all living beings. Some have to face this fact of life sooner than others. Some people pass through violent acts, sickness or just old age. It may not be something we want to think about, but there is actually some amazing facts about dying. Let’s take a look at the lighter side of death.
The Egyptians believed in life after death. They thought when they died they would lead a whole new life and that they would need their dead remains for the afterlife. For this reason they used the process of mummification. This process was time consuming and took up to 70 days to complete.

Since being a mummy was only for the super-rich and royalty, once they were preserved they were placed in tombs, while poor people where buried in sand. This process became so popular that by the 19th century, Egypt had so many mummies that they started using them as train fuel – so much for coming back from death and re-using your body.

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Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Death

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