Where would we be without our cars? We depend on them to take us to work, school and on those famous road trips. They may be rusty and falling apart or brilliant, shiny and new, but regardless of their looks we love them. I bet we can all remember our very first one. It may not have been the safest or the prettiest, but is shouted independance and we couldn’t wait to indulge in the freedom it brought us.

Cars have come a long way from the first model inventors made in the 1770’s. These vehicles were loud, smelly and most people didn’t trust them or even think it was a good idea. Coming from an era where most people had horses, the car would have been quite the change.

The first cars were powered by steam. This was done by having a fuel burning to heat water in a boiler. Once the water boiled it would make steam which expanded and pushed the pistons in the car. The pistons would then move the crankshaft which propelled the car. Even though it took 15 to 20 minutes for the car to heat up enough to make steam, these inventions were considered breakthrough technology. Even though some of these cars worked and some didn’t, inventors kept trying and by the 1890’s the steam-powered car was perfected and people began to use them on a daily basis.

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