Children’s Book About Bats: A Kids Picture Book About Bats With Photos and Fun Facts

You may hate when they fly around your head on a dark gloomy night, but bats are truly a marvel of nature. Check this out. Bats aren’t really blind, but they do use echolocation to make their way to the top of your head. They send out a beep and when it hits something it bounces back to them. This gives the bat an idea of how close they are to an object. The bat is also the only mammal that is capable of flight. Its wings are actually a rubbery webbing that is attached from a long claw on the tip, back to underneath its shoulders.

There are around 1,240 species of bats that range in size from that of a large bumblebee to a small cat. The Bumblebee bat is found in limestone caves along the rivers of Thailand and Burma. Unfortunately, these little guys are endangered due to the loss of their habitat. On the other wing, the Flying Fox bat can have a wingspan of around four feet (1.5 meters). This bat has a cute fox-like face and is found in the southeast Asia regions.

Although we may view bats as gross and disgusting, they actually due a lot for our ecosystem. Around seventy percent of all bat species eat insects. This is a great thing when you consider just how many mosquitos one bat can eat in an hour; 1,200! That’s a lot less mosquitos to be feeding on you.

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