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Children’s Book About Twins: A Kids Picture Book About Twins With Photos and Fun Facts

It never ceases to amaze me when I see a set of twins. They may look identical or just similar, but they are so unique that we stop to admire this small miracle.In some ways it would be great to have a twin. You always have someone to play with as a child and as you move into your teen years, you have double the wardrobe. Plus, I always thought it would be nice to have someone with my identical looks to try out a radical new hairdo on, before I took the plunge.

Most of us know twins are produced in the way eggs are developed in the womb. Fraternal twins do not always look alike because they come from two separate eggs that have been fertilized. Identical twins occur when one single egg splits in two, each producing a fetus.

If you think twins seem to be a little less rare, you are right. It is estimated that one in every 30 babies born are twins. Scientists believe the fraternal twin gene can be passed down from generation to generation. So if your mother or grandmother had twins your chances of having them will increase.

Scientists have also determined that twins can also develop their own language. This is called twin talk. When toddlers begin to babble, it rarely makes any sense to us; however, their twin usually can understand and respond back. Plus, many twins have reported being aware if something is happening to their twin, even if they are many miles apart. This special bond twins share is remarkable and starts in the womb.

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Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Twins

All About Twins

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