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Thinking about what I have learned over the years homeschooling and reflecting back is crazy. Sharing with you all 5 of the things I wish I would have known when i started my homeschooling journey. These are personal to me and my journey, but maybe some of you all can relate?

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started homeschooling?

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Reading Comprehension Activity – Pizza and Hot Dog Meet Burger 2

Print worksheet here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZXxfUhadf81isA2YVQe45kuW_Yx6JlBlujLTC_UBaOc/edit

Read out loud with the story! This is Episode 2 from the “Pizza and Hot Dog” series. Practice reading with Mr McGlover as he reads the children’s story, “Pizza and Hot Dog Meet Burger.”

To get the most out of the short practice session, follow three tips below.

1) Listen carefully to the words
2) Focus on each word
3) Don’t space out!

In other words, do your best to read along with the story. Even better, pause the video after each reading section, and read back and point at the words on the page (you can even wear gloves!).

Mr McGlover values participation and a “learn by doing” approach to reading. To watch these videos in a “sheltered” environment without distractions, visit http://www.MrMcGlover.com/ for all children’s videos in reading and math.

This program does not replace the hard work you do in school or in any other program. It is meant for children that want additional practice in reading.

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