Phonics Song with TWO Words – A For Apple – ABC Alphabet Songs with Sounds for Children

ABC “Phonics” song.

This animated phonics song will help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabets. This colorful phonics song also teaches two words per alphabet letter.

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Learn Writing and Reading Numbers 0 to 20 for Children! Kindergarten – Preschool – for Kids

Learn Writing and Reading Numbers 0 to 20 for Children! Kindergarten – Preschool – for Kids

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Children’s eBook Template – How to Publish Children’s Picture Books on Kindle

We are so excited to share this resource with you, especially if you have any interest in self publishing children’s picture eBooks on Kindle or other eBook platforms. Check it out! Simply go to then click on “templates” along the top. Scroll down until you see the Fable children’s eBook template.

Let us know if you end up using the template and publishing a children’s picture book!


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Beginning Readers Grammar Phonics Lesson, Ending Consonant Blends -Consonant Blends are two Consonant sounds put together. Consonants are all the letters in the Upper and Lowercase Alphabet except the Letters: A, E, I, O, and U.

This video teaches your child how to blend two Consonants together.

The type of Consonant Blends taught in this video are Ending Consonant Blends. Ending Consonant Blends are when Consonant Blends come at the end of a word.

To practice the Ending Consonant Blends there are Ending Consonant Blend stories for your child to read in the Practice Reading Book 3 that correlate with the Ending Consonant Blend words addressed in the videos (Practice Reading Book 3 Pages: 12-21).

For additional practice with Ending Consonant Blends, there are printable Consonant Blend Flashcards. With these Flashcards, your child can read the various Ending Consonant Blends and add Consonants Blends to Word Beginnings to make Ending Consonant Blend Words (Ending Consonant Blend Flashcards).


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