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Our Kids Video Book About Surgery

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Children's Book About SurgeryThis euphemism for surgery is one of many we use to lessen the fear and anxiety that usually accompanies this predicament.  But we should be happy advancements have been made in this area of healthcare.  Back in the Medieval times, the “cure” for diseases were a lot worse than the cause.  Let’s explore some of these mind-numbing techniques that were used to cure all that ailed you.


There were no doctors back in the Middle Ages, so the job went to monks. These men were thought to have better access to medical literature, but that didn’t mean they could do the job properly. And even with all the best “how-to” books for dummies, anesthetics and penicillin had not been invented yet – imagine being awake while a monk takes out you gallbladder or attempts brain surgery – this happened all the time and most patients didn’t survive the ordeal to talk about it.

The Surgical Team on Their Scrub Suit Uniform smallAs time went on and more people were getting sick and dying from surgery, the medieval folks came up with an “anesthetic” of sorts.  This concoction called, dwale, and was made from lettuce juice, castrated boar gall, briony, opium, henbane, hemlock juice and vinegar. This was mixed with wine and given to the patient to drink before they were scheduled to be butchered.  The person undergoing surgery would fall into a deep sleep, but whether they ever woke up was a crap shoot.

A Set of Instruments Used During the Surgical Procedure smallToday having cataracts removed is a simple in-and-out surgery, but way back when, this was an ordeal you wouldn’t soon forget. The “doctor” would insert something sharp, like a large needle or a knife, through the cornea.  They would then dig around with force until the lens of the eye popped out of its capsule, dropping to the bottom of the eye.  If it worked the patient was lucky and even more so if an infection didn’t set in.

Nowadays women have babies all the time and for the most part it is highly routine.  However, back in the mid-ages this could also spell death to the mother.  Pregnant women in this time period were told to confess their sins and prepare their shrouds.

A Family is Happy of the Outcome of the Surgical Procedure smallMidwives were the ones to deliver a baby and had to have a special blessing directly from the Catholic Church.  This ritual was used to safeguard against the midwife using witchcraft to help with the birthing. If the worst happened and the baby was in a breech position, the people in attendance would shake the bed vigorously in hope of the baby repositioning itself.  If the worst happened and the baby died inside the mother, it was dismembered in the womb and removed with instruments and a “squeezer.”

So the next time you have to go under the knife, even if it is serious, remember how fortunate we are to be living in times where we have excellent doctors and their keen knowledge of the human body.  If this doesn’t help tame the nerves, just remember you will probably be given some post-op drugs that will make you forget about everything.

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  1. Jolie Foster January 8, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    There are many reasons to have surgery. Some operations can relieve or prevent pain. Others can reduce a symptom of a problem or improve some body function.

  2. Jenn Grisham January 9, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Surgery is the first or only option in just a few cases like, when a person is in severe pain, has back instability from trauma, or has nerve problems, such as loss of motor or bladder control.

  3. Mike Jordon January 9, 2014 at 7:43 am

    Surgery is one way of treating serious illness in the body. Luckily, in our times now, it is now more easier and less painful unlike during the medieval period. Surgery is practiced when giving a birth to a baby through Cesarean Section or even circumcision. Thanks to the help of surgeons our lives can be more easier with our medical and surgical conditions. In line with this, our children must know as early as now the different views about the procedure.

  4. Dale Matthews January 16, 2014 at 3:26 am

    Surgery is one way of investigating or treating problems inside our body. Surgery happens almost everyday in the hospital because many people are experiencing things that requires surgical treatment so that their illness can be cured. To undergo a surgery is a serious thing and could only be done by certified and licensed health care practitioners.

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