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When did the world become so disrespectful? I remember as a child that please and thank you were not an option and we respected our parents (and anyone remotely older than ourselves). Plus, people held doors open for each other and would extend common courtesies on the fly.

However, good manners may be going the way of the VCR, but things are a lot worse than that. I recently had the misfortune of witnessing a teen boy shoving his…err…nether regions into a girl’s face as she sat on the floor of the mall entranceway. I was mortified as well as being angry at the blatant disrespect this young man exhibited, not only to this young girl, but for himself and all those around him.

I know its a different generation, but I’m not that old. Twenty years ago this sort of behaviour would not have been tolerated and something has drastically changed for us to have lost control in the respect column of life. Boys were taught respect for women, not that they were their play-things.

This cause of the lack of respect is not hard to pinpoint. Television, movies, video games and the like are brainwashing our kids to think the only way to be cool is to rob, cheat and do whatever is necessary to gain control. They then turn around and cry out about wanting to be respected, but are doing the opposite to gain it.

Take a look at what they are watching and mimicking in their lives. We have young singers that were once Disney stars flouncing their half (if not totally) naked bodies on every media outlet. Rappers that are spouting about gang rape and murder and video games teaching the same. This is all under the umbrella of entertainment? The right to self-expression?

Respect should be taught at home and at school. Bullying wouldn’t be as big a problem as it is, if kids were learning to respect others and their feelings. But this isn’t the only area kids and adult are lacking respect in. Our planet is being polluted to the point of no return. Animals are being hunted to extinction and babies are being aborted by the thousands. Is this not all a form of disrespect?

It’s sad that humans are taking our simple freedoms and turning it into a playground for anything goes. This is not only disrespectful to someone or something, but it’s a breeding ground for the lack of empathy and feeling towards others and our world as a whole.

I don’t presume to have the answers for the world’s lack of respect, but I do know if we don’t make a change in ourselves and teach the next generations some valuable life-lessons, the very near future is going to be a lot worse.

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