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Koala’s are one of the cutest and most recognized animals around. It is native to Australia, and believe it or not, it’s not technically a bear, it’s a marsupial. The Koala’s name was given to it by not only the aboriginals of Australia, but also by the first settlers. In native Australian, “koala” means “no drink.” However, once the settlers got a look at this fluffy animal they thought it was a bear – therefore koala bear it was named.

A Portrait Of A Big KoalaThe koala lives most of its life in its “home trees” which consists of a group of eucalyptus trees. This is not only a place to sleep, live and tend to their young, but their main source of food. The koala’s territorial trees may overlap other koalas, but by nature this animal is not a social creature. The koala will scent mark its own trees and visit them on a regular basis.

Koala On A BranchThis marsupial is not a big animal. It measures about 34 inches long (85 centimeters) and can weigh anywhere from 8.8 to 33 pounds (4 to 15 kilograms). It has thick grey and white fur or brown and white fur (depending on its location), a large smooth nose and huge fluffy ears. Despite the koala’s large head, it has a relatively small brain. This is due to the fact that the eucalyptus leaves it eats is low in nutritional value and prevents the growth of the brain tissue.

A Koala Sitting DownSince the koala is a marsupial it does possess a pouch. When the female gives birth to her baby, or a Joey, it is the size of a jellybean. Once out of the mother this little being must make its way to her pouch. Once inside the joey will attach itself to her teat where it will get milk to grow on. The joey will stay here for about 7 months while it grows and develops. After this time it will start to venture out and begin to eat leaves, but will still return to its mother’s pouch to nurse or if it becomes frightened. It takes a full year before the joey will be able to fully leave her pouch and eat a steady diet of eucalyptus leaves.

A sleeping Koala On A TreeThe koala may seem to live its life in silence, but they can actually be quite noisy. Males will make a bellow sound when they are defending their territory or to attract a mate. This sound can consist of growls and low-pitched snores and can carry fairly far.

For more information on the koala, check out the internet, books, a nature program or visit a zoo that may have these wonderful not-bears living there.

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