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Let’s Play Indoors

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Children's Book About indoor Activities It’s nice to get the kids outdoors, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. But no worries as there are plenty of indoor activities kids can engage in that doesn’t require a remote, or a game controller.

Group of Children Playing an Indoor Obstacle RaceWhen amusing kids indoors, it is often times easier to let the television or computer do the work; however, kids need some variety and a way to have fun outside of the technology. If your children are younger, let them set up an indoor campground. Couch cushions, a large sheet or blanket and the sofa itself can become a cozy tent. Add in a flashlight, some camp snacks and your kids can entertain themselves for hours. For added fun, do some microwave S’mores.

A Happy Beautiful Child Dressed in Grown-up Clothes Girls love to have dress-up parties, so invite a playmate over and let them go nuts in your closet and costume jewelry. After they have put together their outfits, then offer to do some light makeup on their eyes and lips. The girls will have a blast, especially if you give them a reason to dress up for – do I hear a tea party brewing? Serve them tea or another beverage in fancy cups with some biscuits. This will be a day they will always remember.

A Glass Bowl Full of PopcornFor both boys and girls, baking a simple cookie or square recipe (with your help) is a fun indoor activity with delicious results. Your children will learn the process of putting a recipe together (measuring, stirring, baking) then will get to sample a delicious treat. Plus, they will love to brag to everyone how, “they made dessert.”

Boy in Glasses Molding ClayCrafts are seeming becoming a dying art form (no pun intended). A rainy day is the perfect time to bring out some paper, glue, felt, crafting sticks, old bits of fabric and have the kids simply create. If there is a birthday or particular season approaching have the kids make something specific for it. Like if grandma is having a birthday, then making a card is a thoughtful and fun way to let the kids express their own sentiments. Plus, the major holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter) are the perfect time to get crafting. Once the kids have made their own special decoration, be sure to hang it in a place of honor.

Group of Children Playing with Blocks in the FloorNever underestimate the power of a good board game. These already come with their own set of rules and are not only entertaining, but a lot of them build skills. Trivia games will help your child think and learn, while twister will get them up and moving. Why not take some time off and join in yourself? You will love the moments of bonding, plus it’s the perfect way to just sit back and enjoy or get twisted.

Portrait of a Cute Cheerful Girl with Colorful Hands 43918411Let’s get back to the time before computers and technology took over ourselves and our kids. There are plenty of indoor activities that will build lasting memories and also demonstrate to your children that not everything has to come with a “program” to be worthy of their time.

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  1. Jim Corrie January 9, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    People always think that when your indoor, there is no fun activities that can be done other than watching television or surfing the Internet. I strongly agree with all statements in this video book page. They are all true and parents should try to prepare something exciting for their children to do especially when it comes to the enhancement of their talents and skills.

  2. Mathew Bradereck January 10, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Activities at indoor venues, such as the climbing and the activity walls, use far more energy still, and will importantly aid the development of arm and shoulder muscles in children, thus improving motor skills and coordination which can help with a child’s handwriting.

  3. Allen Rodriguez January 13, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Playing or doing some things around the house could be a little boring for kids. So, parents need to pay attention in regards to what activities they can engage with their kids while indoor. Maybe boardgames, arts or some science experiments. Kids can also learn a lot even inside the house through the help of their parents as well.

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