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Come to Florida – It’s Not Just for Retirees

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All About Florida

Florida CoverFlorida used to be the place where the older folks went to retire, but Florida is so much more than just a retirement town. Did you know Florida has one of the lowest tax rates in all of the US?

The Flag of the American State of Florida 44470687

Besides giving less to the government, Florida is also known as the sunshine state. What could be a better vacation destination than a state that keeps sunshine in its motto? Let’s take a look at some top must-see spots in Florida.
Crocodile under waterAlthough, technically in Georgia territory, Cumberland Island is one of those spots you don’t want to miss. Take a short boat ride or grab a ferry to this lush island where the wild horses run free. It’s perfect for camping or to just follow one of the many hiking trails.
The Facade View of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida 32450888Ponte Vedra Inn and Club is one of (if not the best) Florida beach resort. It is located in Jacksonville and is known for their luxury and private beach. It has been rated a “five diamond beach resort” and opened in the early 1900’s. When you stay here, you will also have the privilege of using their world famous golf course and tennis club.
Map of the State of Florida and Its Counties 22516331If you are a history lover, then St. Augustine is your must-see location. It was founded in 1565, and still has many of the original establishments in tact – this includes the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. The downtown region of St. Augustine is one of the neatest places in the whole state. Plus, if you are looking for top-notch shrimp, check out Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant.
The Entrance Gate of the Disney World in Florida_22396539_mThere are also plenty of things for the kids to do, as well. Of course, we all know Disney World is located in the sunshine state. This giant amusement park should be on everyone’s list of sites to see. While you are taking in Disney, be sure to book yourself a room at the Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter. This quaint New Orleans-themed resort is close to Disney but offers its own appeal. Plus, dinner at the Rainforest Cafe or T-REX (in downtown Disney) is sure to have the kids hoppin’
Another wonderful spot to bring the kids is the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. This allows you to view all sorts of marine life up close and personal. The kids will love walking around with floor to ceiling glass, while they watch divers, fish and coral right in front of their very eyes.
The Facade View of the Florida Capital Building 5991816Speaking of water, Blue Springs State Park is a place the kids can view the manatee. Here you will find the Manatee Refuge on the St. Johns River. Although you aren’t allowed to touch or swim with these gentle beasts, there is still plenty of places to swim, hike, snorkel, scuba dive, kayak and tube. Plus, picnic areas, campgrounds and hiking trails are all available. What a perfect spot to get back in touch with nature.


Florida is so much more than just grey hair in shorts. This state has something for everyone and would truly make a wonderful vacation for the whole family.


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  1. Halley Barry January 9, 2014 at 5:24 am

    Florida is also known around the world for its balmy weather. The state’s mild winters have made it a haven for retirees. Summers can be long and hot with showers providing much appreciated relief during the rainy season.

  2. Keifer Sunderland January 9, 2014 at 5:29 am

    If you want to enjoy a tropical climate, then Florida is the place for you, watch alligators hunt their prey in the Everglades and some relax in the sunshine at their popular resorts.

  3. Katy Kourick January 9, 2014 at 10:26 am

    I’ve never been to Florida but by reading this video book, I can say that this state is a good place to spend vacation if in such situation that you are targeting the United States. I really like to see the Manatee for me to find out how beautiful these marine animals are. I also like to experience how wonderful and fun to visit the Disney world. Let your children discover more about Florida by recommending this.

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