Children’s Book About Gymnastics: A Kids Picture Book About Gymnastics With Photos and Fun Facts

I’m always amazed at the ability and bendiness of the gymnast. What these men and women can do with their bodies is to be admired. To be a gymnast the training is extensive and is started very early in their lives. This sport is based on performance of the exercise. It uses physical strength, along with flexibility, agility, power, balance, co-ordination and, of course, grace. It is a remarkable body-art-form so let’s take a closer look at some gymnastic facts.

Gymnastics goes as far back as the Greeks. They used this discipline in mounting and dismounting horses as well as in performing circus stunts. The very word itself means to train naked or naked exercises – certainly not what we would consider it today. It is also believed that gymnastics may have begun as far back as 1569. However, it was a more of a lifestyle that mixed hygiene, exercise and diet. They thought this was a natural means of curing disease.

The stunning abilities of these athletes are always a favorite at the Olympics. It was first used as an Olympic category in 1896, but it was for men only. It wasn’t until 1928 that women were allowed to compete. The very first piece of equipment invented for the gymnast was the vault. This apparatus took some skill to master and was used to do handstands and high-powered twists from. It was introduced into the Olympics in the early 1900’s but has been discarded since the 2000 Summer Olympics, due to too many occurring injuries.

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