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China or the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is in East Asia and has the highest population in the world at 1.35 billion people! Its land mass covers approximately 5.9 million square miles (9.6 million kilometers), making it the second largest country in the world, next to Russia. It is broken up into 22 provinces.


Icy Mountain In ChinaFrom her plateaus, mountains, seas and waters, China has a broad range of geographical beauty. If you travel to the eastern and southern half of the country, you will be charmed by the seacoast with many offshore islands. This region supplies the area with most of the agriculture and human population with fertile lowlands and graceful foothills.


Dragon danceAsia and a part of China is also home to the Gobi desert. It is the fifth largest desert in the world and Asia’s biggest. This landmass covers approximately 500,000 square miles and is made up of sandy areas as well as exposed flat rock. Creating a rain shadow on the Gobi are the Himalayan Mountains. Due to its rough conditions few animals call Gobi home. The Bactrian camel, snow leopard, Gobi bear and various other species can tolerate this region.


The Great Wall Of ChinaWhen someone mentions China, the first thing that probably pops into our head is the Great Wall. This architectural wonder first started being erected as early as the 7th century BC and was a way to keep out warring enemies. It is built in sections from tamped earth, stone, brick and wood, among other materials. The Qin, Han and Ming Dynasties all had notable additions to this famous structure.


Beautiful City With Buildings And Sea In ChinaToday this wall travels 13,170.69 miles (21,196.18 kilometers) and starts in the Gansu Province at Jiayuguan Pass to the Shanhaiguan Pass in Hebei Province. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders Of The World and is the only human-made structure that can be seen from space. Truly amazing!


The Terracotta Army Statues In ChinaThe Terracotta Army is another astounding addition the China’s culture. It was discovered in 1974 by a group of farmers digging a well. This underground group consisted of warriors, chariots and horses all made from terracotta and in various sizes. In the three pits there are 8,000 soldiers, along with 130 chariots and 520 horses, plus another 150 cavalry horses. This army was constructed in the Qin Shi Huang dynasty to protect the first Emperor of China in his afterlife. These statues are highly detailed and have stood the test of time – too beautiful to be buried for all those years.


Flag Of The Country ChinaThis is only the tip of what China has to offer. For more information on China visit the internet, the many books on the subject or plan your next vacation to this world of wonder. The memories of this land and its people are sure to delight and to last a lifetime.


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