Children’s Book About Spiders: A Kids Picture Book About Spiders With Photos and Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know there are over 43,000 different types of spiders, in 109 different families and they live in every part of the world, except the Antarctic? Plus, studies show that we are never more than 10 feet (3 meters) away from a spider at any given time.

This is probably not good news if you suffer from Arachnophobia or if you just think they are creepy. However, despite our reactions to these eight-legged creatures, they can be quite fascinating. Check out these facts you may not know about the spider.

The spider is not a bug or an insect, but rather an arachnid. What’s the difference? Spiders are made up of two body sections. The front part is technically called the, Cephalothorax and is where you will find its brain, eyes, fangs, mouth and oddly enough its stomach. The second part if the abdomen and is where the spider releases its silk from.

Spiders come in various sizes from small to large. The biggest one that has been found to date is the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider – yes it is large enough to take down a bird. Think personal pan pizza big!

Bonus Music Video – from the Book’s Supplemental Pages:


All About Spiders

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