Children’s Book About Solar System: A Kids Picture Book About Solar System with Photos and Fun Facts

Space is indeed the “final frontier” and even though man has exhausted his exploration of the moon, we are still trying to reach beyond this realm and go further than we ever have before. Scientists are now wondering what is on the icy moon of Jupiter’s Europa and are working towards building a robot that can find out.

As we grow in technology we have now been able to probe Mars to find out what really lies among the red dust and dirt of the 4th planet from the sun. Could there have been life on this Martian rock? With 70,000 images beamed back from the rover aptly named, Curiosity, scientists are anxiously discussing the possibilities.

However, this still isn’t enough. We want to know what is in the heavens above and beyond, so on April 24,1990 the Hubble telescope was launched into space from the space shuttle, Discover. This ingenious piece of equipment is 43.5 feet long (13.2 meters), 14 feet wide (4.2 meters) and weighs a whopping 24,500 pounds (11,113 kilograms)! And it only cost 2.5 billion dollars!

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All About Solar System

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