Children’s Book About Rays: A Kids Picture Book About Rays with Photos and Fun Facts

Rays or Stingrays, as you may know them as, are found all over the world. They live in oceans and rivers, fresh and saltwater. These giant fish have struck fear into swimmers and waders alike. Let’s take an adventure into the world of the ray to see what fascinating facts we can dig up.

The ray comes in 60 species and is a cousin to the shark, not because they are vicious but because they have no bones. Like the shark the ray is made up of pure cartledge – feel your nose, that’s like a ray’s body. Stingrays look like a flying saucer with broad flat fins that run along the entire length of their body. The fins on the ray are designed to propel it through the water, either by using their entire body or by flapping them in a flying-type motion.

These fish are not by any means small. They can grow up to 6.5 feet long (2 meters) long and weigh up to 790 pounds (358 kilograms). The stingray also has a long tail that is designed for defense and is where it got its name from. Depending on the species, this tail can have spines running down it coming to a point with razor-sharp serrations or notches. In addition to this it is also venomous. However, most ray “attacks” are accidental and occurs when someone is walking along in the water and steps on it. Once it feels threatened it will whip its tail around in defense, leaving a painful welt on the victim.

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All About Rays

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