Children’s Book About Parrots: A Kids Picture Book About Parrots with Photos and Fun Facts

I’m not really sure where this saying came from or where it even started. But I do know that seeing a parrot in a cage is nothing like seeing a flock of them flying free in their native lands. There are around 372 different species of parrots on earth and they can be found in most tropical areas.

You have probably seen a parrot or two in your local pet store. The budgie and cockatiel are very common small parrots that are often kept as companion birds. You can also find African Greys, Macaws and Cockatoos in the pet trade as well. These are bigger parrots and require more time and energy to keep them happy and healthy. However, they do have an easier time learning human speech.

Like all birds, the parrot is a strong flyer, but it’s their toes that are different from other species – they have four toes on each foot – two facing backwards and two facing frontwards. This is referred to as zygodactyl. The feet of the parrot are specialized to climb branches and to pluck and eat fruit with. Parrots also have sharp, curved beaks that enable them to crack open nuts and seeds and, if necessary, to defend itself and its nest.

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All About Parrots

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