Children’s Book About Planet Earth: A Kids Picture Book About Planet Earth with Photos and Fun Facts

Product DetailsPlanet Earth. It’s the third planet from the sun. The place called home by every living species and where we keep our stuff. It’s perfectly designed with gravity, oxygen, water and everything it needs to sustain life. Let’s take a trip around the earth to discover what she’s all about.
Out of all the planets discovered we are the only one that can sustain life. Our atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen and it is the only one with liquid water on its surface. Without these we would just be another rock floating around the sun. Earth is also the only inner planet to have one large moon. And as you probably know, the moon is paramount in the pull of our tides and also gives us the minute lengthening (or shortening) in each of our days.
The earth is 7,928 miles (12,760 kilometers) around the diameter or the equator. We are also situated 93 million miles (150 kilometers) from the sun. Although some of those hot summer days may feel like we are closer.

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