>Children’s Book About Lying: A Kids Picture Book About Lying With Photos and Fun Facts

I’m sure growing up we were all told at one time or another that lying isn’t nice – especially if you were caught red-handed in one. But did we really learn from the humiliation and embarrassment of that situation?

If we were to keep track of each lie we told each day for a week, we may be amazed at just how many untruths slip past our lips. Sure we can justify them by saying that these “little white lies” are saving people’s feelings. But is this really why we lie? Is it the person’s feelings we are considering or our own personal discomfort with the situation?

Nobody wants to be the one to tell a friend or acquaintance…”yes, you DO look fat in that outfit” Or…”if I have to spend another minute in your presence I might run away screaming.” (I speak from experience).

I don’t believe anyone started out as a liar. I believe we have been socially conditioned to let half-truths and false answers guide us on our daily dealings with the world and the people in it. The words “politically correct” have become many of our mantras and we don’t dare sway from that in case we offend someone.

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All About Lying

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