Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Cars and Trucks

Children’s Book About Cars and Trucks: A Kids Picture Book About Cars and Trucks with Photos and Fun Facts

Our path to automobiles started way back in 1769 with the invention of the steam engine automobile. By 1806 we had the fuel-powered internal combustion engine and eighty years later in 1886 the birth of the “modern” automobile finally arrived – we have the German inventor, Carl Benz (yes that Benz) to thank.

Today vehicles have come a long way since the simple steam-powered ones. They are more gas efficient and eco-friendly, they have power everything, air conditioning and sound systems that can reach decibels enough to rock the roadways.

In addition, cars and trucks also come in every style and color imaginable. And can be customized for those that want to step outside of the vehicle-box.

The DeLorean made eyes pop in the movie theater with the original Back to the Future, where this car was able to travel back in time. With it futuristic doors that lifted up instead of out, it was a sure-fire hit. However, the DeLorean actually hit the sports car market in 1981-1982. It retailed around 25,000 US dollars unless you wanted a gold one.

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Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Cars and Trucks

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