Children’s Book About Airplanes: A Kids Picture Book About Airplanes with Photos and Fun Facts

We depend on airplanes to get us to our destinations quickly and with ease. But where did it all start? With the Wright Brothers; Orville and Wilbur. These two ingenious men are considered America’s aviation pioneers. Even though other inventors were working on flight at the time, the Wright brothers were the first to do it successfully. It was a historic day on December 17th, 1903 when the brother’s plane first soared high. This is in part due to their invention of the 3-axis control. This allowed the pilot to effectively fly the plane, keeping it up in the air.
Now that we know who invented the airplane and our ability to fly, how does it work? Why do thousands of pounds of weight stay up in the air, defying all the laws of gravity?

First of all the wings on the plane play a major role in control. Airplane wings are designed with an airfoil shape. Simply put when an airplane is flying the shape of the wing allows the air going over to move quickly and to stretch out. This decreases the pressure. The air under the wing is moving in a straight line, so the pressure remains the same. When the high air pressure moves toward the low air pressure (which it always does) the air below the wing will push upward. With the wing in the middle the movement of the air is in a constant up/down motion and is what gives the plane its lift and stability in the air. The faster the plane flies the more lift there is.

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