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Children's Book About PuppiesWho doesn’t like puppies with their constant wagging tails and wet noses? They can melt our hearts and bring so much joy to our lives. However, not all puppies are created equally. Depending on the breed, puppies can be really big or really small, flat-faced, or round-snouted. But they all still have one thing in common; their sole purpose on earth is to bring unconditional love and affection to their family.

Chihuahua puppy standing with collar and name tag isolatedYou may remember getting your first puppy. It could have been as an adult – as the constant begging and pleading with mom and dad may not have worked – or is that just me? Puppies are a lot of work and it takes time to properly train them. Depending on how “smart” you want your adult dog to be depends on the training when it is still a puppy – an untrained dog will still have accidents in the house if you failed to properly house break it.

Five Different Dog Breeds TogetherPuppies need constant positive reinforcement to learn and respond in a positive and obeying fashion. Never smack a puppy or rub its nose in its own urine/feces. This old adage is wrong and will only lead to resentment, fear and frustration from your new member of the family. Remember, there are no bad dogs, just owners who fail to read up on their particular breed or who become easily discouraged from training the puppy properly.

Group of Twelve DogsOne also has to be ready before the puppy is brought into the home. In other words, puppy-proof your house. Puppies are rambunctious, and for big breeds like Great Danes this can spell doom for fragile objects that could easily be knocked over (including small children)

Puppy's Mouth YawningIt may take several days or even weeks to have your puppy understand the “rules of the house.” Also remember puppies are teething and will chew whatever feels good on their sore mouths. Be sure to provide lots of toys with different textures. This helps your puppy stay away from your shoes, yet still gives him the relief he desires.

Another good idea is to feed your puppy a good quality food. Vets or a (reputable) breeder in which you purchased the pup from are great resources for knowing which foods are low or high in nutrients. A good rule of thumb is to check the labels on the dog food bag to make sure the protein source in listed first and is not a protein-meal. Protein-meal is usually the sub-par parts of the animal that isn’t fit for human consumption.

Puzzled Puppy

These are only the bare essentials of bringing a puppy into your life. Before you purchase a puppy be sure to research the breed (or breeds if it is a mix) to know the size and temperament you are getting into. A little research will save you and your dog a lot of heartache down the road – animal shelters are always full so you don’t want to add to this problem.

Have fun and love your new puppy. It is sure to bring you years of loyalty and companionship.


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  1. Simen Kowell January 7, 2014 at 12:34 am

    I really love taking good care of puppies because they are playful and adorable. Although, most of the times they bite my personal belongings, it will not ruin my day. They keep on running and running all around the house until they were exhausted and that what makes them more adorable. Puppies should be taught well for them to be disciplined dogs when they grow. This video book tells what are needed if they would like to purchase or adopt a puppy. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Donny Trump January 7, 2014 at 10:05 am

    It is important to handle your puppy as much as possible. The puppy should be handled everyday, preferably by many people. They should gently stroke the entire body, look inside the ears and mouth, pick up the feet, etc. The kids must be taught also how to take proper care of a puppy and how to handle it gently.

  3. Seleen Dion January 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    Many people choose to invite a dog to join their family when it is a young puppy as the expectation is that doing so is likely to bring love, laughter and fun in endless ways.

  4. Paul McKartnie January 10, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    ALL dog trainers and vets will HIGHLY discourage any of caesar milan’s work. Most of the dogs he touches turn into worse than before and a lot more aggressive. The “staring in the eye to assert dominance” actually is a challenge telling them that they are your competitor to be “alpha.” Try strong “No!” and if that doesn’t work, try shoving the bitten appendage into their mouth. As a last resort a firm smack on the snout will work, especially with the jumping. And the yelping does not work, but makes him think of you as submissive to him. Try the “No” and if needed (last resort) smack. It will stop.

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