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Children's Book About KittensIs there anything more fun than a kitten? With its fuzzy body, tiny mew and a curiosity that is sure to make you laugh, the kitten has been a popular choice with pet lovers everywhere. Let’s dig deeper into the world of kittens and explore what has made these little felines number one in our hearts.

Tiger Colored KittenKittens seem to come in only one size; small, however, there is over 40 different registered breeds of cats – add in the mixed “moggies” – and you have a huge variety to choose from. Whether you are looking for the sleek lines of the siamese or the big, fluffy coat of a maine coon, you are sure to find a breed that suits your lifestyle.

White Siamese Cat With Big BLue EyesThe nice thing about having a cat is the ease of looking after it as opposed to other animals. An indoor cat can easily adapt to apartment or house living. Much of this is due to the fact that it is naturally clean and will do its business in a litter box.

Depending on the breed of cat you get – long coat, short coat or somewhere in between – will determine how much time you spend combing/brushing it. Cats love to be groomed by their owners, but if you have a long-furred feline, like a persian, you will need to spend more time brushing it then with a short-haired breed.

Two New Born KittensCats by nature are carnivorous animals, which means they need a good quality protein-based diet from the time they are kittens. This ensures proper growth. When shopping for a food for your cat, be sure to check the labels. You will want to purchase a food that has the first listed ingredient as an animal protein, not a protein by-product or protein-meal. This food has a low nutritional value and is made up mostly of filler. The food may be cheaper to purchase, but your cat will most likely eat more of it, have a poor quality coat and will use the litter box more. In addition, poor nutrition can also lead to serious bladder problems down the road. If you are unsure of which food is good, ask your vet or a reputable breeder.

A Kid Carrying A Basket With A Cat On It

Before you bring you new kitten into your home, be sure you are prepared. Have your food/water dishes and litter box placed where it will be located permanently. Cats are creatures of habit and may become confused or frustrated if you continue to move around their supplies. Also remember your kitten needs toys and a scratch post to keep it entertained when you are not around. Bored kittens tend to get into trouble and may start to scratch your furniture. Be sure when this happens to gently take your kitten over to its post and rub its front paws down it a couple of times. This lets the kitten know that the furniture is not allowed, but the post is. You may have to do this several times before he gets the idea.

Having a kitten is fun. Be prepared and do your homework beforehand to enjoy your new companion for years to come.

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