Children’s Book About Polar Bears: A Kids Picture Book About Polar Bears with Photos and Fun Facts

Polar bears are the largest of all the land predators and also the largest of all the bears. It is highly recognized by its white fur and black eyes and nose. These magnificent beasts live on the cold shores of the Arctic where they hunt, mate, eat and sleep.

The polar bear is well suited to this icy region. Under that thick layer of waterproof white fur is black skin that absorbs the sunlight. They also have a thick layer of blubber (like the whale and seal) to help insulate them from this rough climate.

The massive paws of the polar bear are very useful. They are not only covered in a thick layer of fur but the pads on the bottom of its feet have a suction-cup like grip that keeps it from slipping. In addition, it also has sharp claws that act as ice-picks to further keep the polar bear from sliding around on this icy tundra, as well as enabling the female to dig her den. The front and back paws are both webbed to help propel the bear through the water. These “flippers” of sort allows the polar bear to swim 100 miles (161 kilometers) at a stretch.

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All About Polar Bears

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