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Book Cover of: Breeds of DogsDogs truly are a human’s best friend. They are always there to provide a furry shoulder to cry on, an ear (or two) to listen and they give us hours of entertainment. Whether you have a lovable mutt or a prized show dog, the canine promises to be loyal throughout its lifetime. But what if you are just starting to look for a dog or puppy? Where do you begin?

different kind and different color of dogs There are 175 registered dog breeds in the American Kennel Club (AKC) so your choices are wide. However, each breed is broken in categories; Companion Dogs, Hunting Dogs, Guard Dogs, Herding Dogs and Working Dogs. Each breed comes with certain attributes and personalities. This makes it easier to narrow down your decision.

German Shepherd Dog sitting back Before you bring a puppy or dog home, you should know something about its breed to make sure it will fit into your lifestyle. For example is you are extremely busy and not able to provide a lot of walks or runs outside for your canine companion, then it is probably best not to choose a dog that is in the Hunting Dog Family. These include beagles, hounds, terriers etc. Dogs from this category most often need a lot of exercise and stimulation each day. Remember they were bred to hunt, so instinctively that is what they want to do – open the door to a beagle and it may just catch a scent and keep running, regardless of your commands.

If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, then your companion dog is perhaps the best category to choose from. These dogs are less demanding and only need short walks. They tend to be more of a lap dog and don’t mind being groomed and lavished with love and attention. Some examples of these are the Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkies etc.

A Big Standing Dalmatian Dog When you have children you may decide you want a family pet. The age and personality of your kids will play a big factor in what type of breed you decide upon. For smaller children a small breed is not necessarily a great choice. Small breeds can be nippy towards little ones, plus, they do need to be treated gently as a fall or toss could injure the dog. Even though golden retrievers are a bigger breed, they are known to be great family dogs, as they are gentle and tolerant.A Big English Mastiff  Dog Sitting

Most dogs in the Guarding category have the tendency to do their job which is to guard your home. These breeds are more alert and may bark a lot depending on where you live. They are easily trained and have been the chosen dogs to work for the police and other security-type jobs. These breeds include the Doberman, German shepherds, Rottweiler etc. Now this is not to say they wouldn’t make a great family dog, but know what you are getting into before you make the final decision.

Portrait of Different Breeds of Dogs LiningDogs do make great pets, but be sure to do your research into the particular breed you are interested in before you purchase or adopt. Too many dogs end up in shelters simply because their owner couldn’t handle them. Look around for the breed that is right for you, don’t just bring that cute puppy home on impulse then end up sorry later.

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