Free Amazon Kindle Children’s Book: Fire Trucks

Children’s Book About Fire Trucks: A Kids Picture Book About Fire Trucks with Photos and Fun Facts

We may not give much thought to the fire truck, except to rest in the assurance that if a fire were to break out it would be there along with its dedicated crew. However, people didn’t always have this peace-of-mind.

Before the invention of the engine and later the vehicle, fires were put out by a bucket brigade. People would literally grab buckets of water and form a long line from the water source to the fire. The constant action of trying to douse the fire, was not only (most of the time) ineffective, but it was exhausting for those involved.

Once the water pump was invented they added wheels to it. This was developed in Britain in the 1700s and was the crudest form of our modern-day fire truck. This heavy and burdensome object was powered by either steam or hand-cranked. You can imagine how tiring this would have been for the firemen to drag or push it to a blazing fire. In fact, often times by the time the crew arrived the fire had either burnt out on its own, or the firefighters were too exhausted to help.

By 1865 people were getting inventive and decided a more practical way to get to a fire (and at least have a chance at extinguishing it) was to include the use of horses. These powerful animals could pull the heavy water pumps, saving some time and energy on the part of the firefighter. It was a step up, but still needed improvement. The horses were costly and needed around two years to train before they were able to be put to work.

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Free Amazon Kindle Children’s book: Fire Trucks

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