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All About Vegetables

Children's Book About VegetablesHow many times growing up did we hear those inevitable words…eat your vegetables? Why as kids did we push the offending cruciferous lumps around on our plates and refuse to even try them? Because they smelled funny and looked weird? To our young brains we had no idea these were some of the most important building blocks of a healthy body – though I still don’t enjoy broccoli.

The Head of Cabbage RomanescoThere are hundreds of different vegetables, from normal to hybrid, so how can we not find something we like? Veggies come in all shapes, forms and colors and can be prepared in every way imaginable. Personally, the more butter or cheese sauce that is smothering them the better.

If you are bored with those everyday veggies, then take a look at some of the strangest vegetables that are being enjoyed even as you read this.

Beautiful chef sisters at home kitchen preparing saladThe Romanesco may look like a weird alien invader but it is actually a type of broccoli from Italy. It has cone-shaped florets in a brilliant green color. The taste is somewhat mild to sweet. Its closest veggie-cousin would be cauliflower.

Fruit market with various colorful fresh fruits and vegetablesAnother strange vegetable is actually the leaves (or pads) of the prickly pear plant. The Nopal plant is covered in prickles so in order to enjoy the taste, you must first carefully peel away the thrones and skin. The taste has been described to resemble that of a green bean.

Bunch of Freshly Harvested SalsifySome of our leafy friends can resemble seaweed, but Dulce actually is one. This high-fiber red sea algae grows on the Northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It can be eaten raw, dried, cooked or steamed. If you can get past its appearance you will be welcomed by a strong taste and odour. Yum!

Perhaps one of the cutest vegetables (if veggies can be considered cute) is the Fiddlehead. These curly-cue veggies are actually the unfurled leaves of a fern. They can be eaten most any way and are loaded with all sorts of nutrients. Although it is a bit on the bitter side of the flavor scale.

A Closer View of a Kid Wearing a Vegetable Head DressAnother must-try vegetable is the Tiger Nut – which are not actually nuts but rather a tuber. Like other tubers, these veggies are found growing underground in tropical regions, and are even viewed as a weed in most places. They are high in protein and can be eaten raw, dried, roasted or even made into milk and flour. They come in three colours as well; black, brown and yellow.

Now that we have taken a walk on the wild side of vegetables, there is no excuse not to indulge in some of these healthy and tasty alternatives.

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